Entertainment Scoop (9/27/18)

Here are a few headlines from the world of entertainment today:

Bill Cosby’s team is getting ready to appeal his conviction for sexual assault.  Experts expect his lawyers to focus on the judge’s decision to allow additional accusers to testify at the trial.  Many do not think it will be successful and think the sentence he received of up to 10 years will stand.

It was a different ending for Nelly’s rape accusation.  According to TMZ, the rapper has settled with the woman who accused him of sexual assault on his tour bus last year in Seattle.  He said the encounter was consensual and countersued her for defamation. The deal involved them both dropping their cases… his lawyers say no money changed hands. She says it did.

& Ye’s being confusing again! Kanye West was photographed recently with a Trump MAGA hat on… AND wearing a sweatshirt supporting Colin Kaepernick (see post below).  Is he saying these are two sides of the same coin? Or maybe he's thinking the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing? #bestguess You got me.  #kanyeshrug

Jeanne Sparrow


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