How About Some Good News Today? Thanks Ne-Yo!

I think we all need some positive news on a Monday… and Ne-Yo is here to give it to us!

In the latest news from Silicon Valley, the Grammy winning singer is now investing in the future of tech.  Ne-Yo was on hand recently at the opening of a new school he provided funding for that helps people without money for college get an education to land jobs as coders.  The school features a 2 year training program that is free for students, as long as they agree to pay a percentage of their income for 3 years after they get a job. 

Ne-Yo said about the program, “Little black kids growing up don’t say things like ‘I want to be a coder when I grow up,’ because it’s not real to them… (but) I feel like it just makes the most sense to have it accessible to everyone.” #truth

Jeanne Sparrow


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