Ye's STILL At It... MAGA Hat & More

If you thought Kanye was done after his unforgettable SNL moments – performing as a Perrier bottle (with Chicago comic Adele Givens in the background -- see it below), then later while wearing his MAGA hat and delivering a post-show pro-Trump message – no, no he wasn’t. 

Yesterday afternoon, he tweeted a photo of himself wearing his MAGA hat on his private plane with another pro-Trump message and a call to abolish the 13th amendment, which was the one that ended slavery.  Some are guessing that he was actually referencing the portion of the amendment regarding prison labor and may have been calling for prison reform, but who knows what he really meant… even him? 

When he tried to clarify what he meant when he ran into TMZ reporters yesterday, he called it a work in progress and promised to explain in detail on TMZ Live today at 3:30pm CT on Fox.  I’ll wait.

I disagree on so many levels with this and the optics of privilege involved (especially considering last week’s horrible display of power over victims during Kavanaugh’s nomination, not to mention other atrocities going on) but everyone’s entitled to their opinions.  However, our world’s complex problems do not have simple answers that anyone can just tweet out.  And once you unleash your words, they have power that can do real damage, whether intended or not. 

Ye said the message was sent in love, so I’m gonna send love back. From a distance.  A very long distance.

Jeanne Sparrow


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