VOTE! (that is all.)

If you're 18 or older by November 6th, I just have one simple request... PLEASE VOTE! 

It’s ALWAYS important to make our voices heard in elections… but so many people stay home because they think it doesn't matter.  It does! Voting is the primary power we have as citizens.  It’s also our duty, so let’s treat it like a job and show up. 

I like to say that voting is what gives us the right to complain and it also gives us more power to make things right when things in government go wrong.  If you don’t vote, your complaints become nothing more than empty words.  Votes are the actions that back up what you believe and say.

Here is what you need to do before Election Day on November 6th:

  • Are you registered? FIRST, confirm if you’re registered to vote. There have been purges of voters in other states, which is when large numbers of voters are removed from the list saying they’re eligible to vote. You can check to see if you’re registered to vote and where your polling place is in Illinois here. And if you live in  Indiana, you can find it here.
  • If you know you’re not registered to vote, you can register online here by October 21st in Illinois (if you already have an Illinois ID) or in person at early voting locations or at the poll in your precinct and ward on Election Day (with 2 forms of ID).  Get more information on registering to vote in your county here.
  • Early voting in Illinois is going on now through November 5th… 

Special note for anyone who has been incarcerated… YOU CAN VOTE IN ILLINOIS. Once you have served your time, you are eligible to vote in Illinois, regardless of your crime.  Some states have restrictions on the voting rights of those who have been to jail… Illinois does NOT.

Saying all that to say… VOTE on November 6th!  It could not possibly be more important… your life may literally depend on it.

Jeanne Sparrow


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