What's Happening This Weekend (10/20/18)

Snoop is in town this weekend with Tamar Braxton for his play, “Redemption of a Dogg” at the Arie Crown… showtime is at 8pm tonight!

The Logan Center Bluesfest continues through tomorrow at the Logan Center for the Arts in Hyde Park with workshops and concerts, including Chicago’s own Billy Branch!

Ditch the Weight & Guns 5K stepped off this morning in Englewood and two more follow in in the coming weeks to promote activity, health and gun violence prevention in Chicago’s communities… next week on 10/28, the walk/run is in Chatham and you can participate in Roseland on 11/4. 

 Whatever you decide, have fun and don’t let me ever hear you say you don’t have anything to do!

Jeanne Sparrow


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