The First Thanksgiving Meal Had Some BIG Surprises

Some people are about ready to go for round two of their Thanksgiving feast… others are putting the final touches on their evening meal.

Most of our tables today will hold a turkey, some kind of dressing (or stuffing, if that’s what you want to call it), macaroni & cheese, candied yams, greens or some other vegetable, plus all the pies and goodies!

But the first Thanksgiving feast didn’t look a whole lot like ours… according to the Smithsonian Magazine, wild turkey (the bird, not the bourbon) might have been on the menu, but duck or goose along with venison were most likely the main meats, along with lots of seafood like lobster, clams and mussels. There was lots of corn… and that was probably the base of dressing but sadly, there were no sweet potatoes.

Whatever you serve, here’s to the joy eating what you love on this day of bounty and thanks!

Jeanne Sparrow


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