Christmas is 1 Week Away... Who's Ready? 0_o

Who else is sweating because all the stuff you’ve ordered online isn’t in yet? Just asking for a friend! 

One of my gifts – for my DADDY – still says it’s “pending.” Now, I fully realize that I didn’t place my order until the 12th (and in the middle of the night at that) but WHY haven’t these folks even tried to ship it yet? I’m stalking it online, waiting and wondering. See, this is why I’m not crazy about online shopping... and my procrastination is beside the point. LOL

Then, the site where I got gifts for my aunt and one of my cousins didn’t even send a notification with a tracking number that it was on the way. I was about to stalk it but all I have to say is thank GOD for the US Postal Service Informed Delivery service – they send pictures of your mail to your email with the tracking numbers and everything all in one place. Get with that (find out more and sign up here) and ease your mind.

 But above all, remember the love is more important than the gifts and have a merry merry!

Jeanne Sparrow


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