Your New Personal Shopper Parrot!

Need some help shopping? Rocco could care of it for you! You have nothing to worry about… he knows what he’s doing, even though he’s an African grey parrot who got kicked out of a shelter for cursing all the time.

When Rocco’s human Marion is at work, he talks to Alexa all day long, listening to his favorite music and ordering his favorite things… which include watermelon, strawberries, ice cream, lightbulbs and a kite.

Marion hasn’t gotten stuck with the bill because she has a parental lock on Alexa and checks the shopping list regularly to cancel anything Rocco orders.

I'm glad Marion’s being safe and all, but I feel like she’s missing out on a great opportunity to put Rocco to work for the holidays… like my mama used to say, everybody's gotta pull their weight in this house! LOL

Jeanne Sparrow


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