Piers Morgan Tried It with Michelle... & Failed

Piers Morgan came for another strong, high-profile woman when he devoted his column yesterday to shaming Michelle Obama for comments she made Tuesday night on Jimmy Fallon that he considered to be an attack on Melania Trump. 

Problem is, just about everybody else knows what Michelle meant when she said, "Bye Felicia" to the White House... and it wasn't that. Piers tried to twist that common phrase into Michelle engaging in "bitchy sniping" targeting Melania. 

He also used it as an opportunity to give her back-handed compliments and take a dig on how successful sales for her new book "Becoming" and speaking tour have been going, saying that she made the comments to get attention to stuff more money in her "bulging pockets."

Seems like the only time Piers gets attention these days is when he goes off on a woman online or in his column, so maybe this is his new marketing strategy. Good luck with that!

Jeanne Sparrow


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