Surviving R. Kelly: Time Do Right By Our Girls

If you haven’t been watching "Surviving R. Kelly" on Lifetime, you’re missing some of the most powerful and compelling television you’ll ever see.

The 3-night documentary series, helmed by hip hop and music journalist dream hampton, lays bare the types of stories that we all know happen but rarely speak about… it shows the emotional price and ongoing pain of young black and brown women who were victimized, not protected or believed over and over again.

And for anyone who has justified, minimized, doubted, blamed or otherwise tried to explain away their reality and the truth of how our girls’ lives are not valued… I hope you will honestly look at this, see and acknowledge their pain and realize how that stance only serves abusers and continues the cycle.

This is not just about one celebrity who’s been somehow allowed to victimize young girls with impunity for decades… it’s about how this happens to children – boys and girls – in just about every family, neighborhood, school or church and is continually and systematically swept under the rug, ignored and rarely discussed, leaving these precious young lives broken with a difficult, if not impossible, path to healing. 

Check out the diagram below from the Sasha Center, a Detroit area non-profit that helps sexual assault survivors heal from their trauma. This diagram shows how systems are in place that fail to support black women who are victimized in this way.

We MUST do better by our children and protect them ALL from those who would cause them harm. Keep our babies safe.

Jeanne Sparrow


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