Coming to America 2... Excited or Scared?

A Hollywood headline yesterday has people alternately excited and wary… it has been confirmed that the sequel to the classic Eddie Murphy comedy “Coming to America” is in the works and on track to begin production this year. 

Eddie Murphy is on board to star along with most of the original cast – Arsenio Hall, Shari Headley, John Amos and James Earl Jones. The story revolves around Akeem coming back to America to meet his long lost son who is the heir to the throne of Zamunda.

 Some of the comments I’ve seen online can’t wait to see it… others are scared that their favorite movie from their teen years will get messed up beyond repair… others are just wondering why they’re not calling it “Coming Back to America” and if Wakanda is located anywhere near Zamunda. 

I can’t wait for the laughs, to see what McDowells is selling now and if we ever really find out, “what is that – velvet?"

Jeanne Sparrow


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