Live Your Best Life with V103 at Black Women's Expo!

Right up there with all the beauty and hair products, one of the best parts of Black Women's Expo is how much you can learn to help you move forward in life -- or just have more fun!

This year, you can meet all the ladies of V103, WGCI and Inspiration 1390 as we present seminars and broadcast live at the Expo:

Today (Saturday):

If you've gotten stuck in a rut, UN-stick yourself at "Reclaiming Your Life" with Marcella Jones from Inspiration 1390 at 11am.

Join me, Jeanne Sparrow, as I broadcast live from the V103 booth at BWe from 12-5pm!

Learn how to master the turntables and turn the party all the way UP at "She the DJ 101" with Chicago's Tightest Female DJ, Sundance at 1pm.

Get your financial life together at "Secure the Bag: Making Money Moves" with Bionce Foxx at 3pm.

And meet the "Chicago Black Women in Media" hosted by Kendra G from WGCI at 5pm.

Tomorrow (Sunday):

Meet Sundance at she broadcasts live from the V103 booth at BWe from 12-6pm!

Learn how to uncover your best talents and move forward to great success with "Fearless Authenticity" with me, Jeanne Sparrow at 2pm.

And see into the future with Susan the Psychic and Kendra G from WGCI at 4pm.

We can't wait to see your beautiful face at Black Women's Expo 2019! #shematters

Jeanne Sparrow


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