It's Been 1100 Days Since You Took Your Love Away

Tomorrow marks the 3 year anniversary of Prince’s passing… 1095 days to be exact.

Celebrate his life and musical legacy with Morris Day and Sheila E. at their show at the Venue… then the official 4 day celebration of his life and music at Paisley Park starts on Thursday, along with lots of events this weekend and into next week in the Minneapolis area.

And for those wondering who’s running the show... it’s a complicated answer because his estate is still not settled yet. The way it’s been going, one expert estimated that it will take the better part of a decade to sort everything out because Prince died without a will. A judge has decided that his 6 siblings are the legal heirs to his estate, which has an estimated worth of $200 million.

No matter what, let's keep his spirit alive by celebrating his music and his genius today and always!

Jeanne Sparrow


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