Saving Symbols... Creating Community

The world mourned with France earlier this week as we watched flames ravage Notre Dame in Paris... the iconic cathedral has stood as a symbol and guiding light for the nation and believers everywhere.

French president Emmanuel Macron has pledged to rebuild Notre Dame... and that spirit has spread to a fund for three black churches in Louisiana damaged in arson fires over the last month. At this point, $2.1 million has been raised to rebuild after a tweet from a local resident went viral this week. (Here's the link to the GoFundMe page for the churches and an area charity accepting donations on their behalf.)

Houses of worship, no matter what faith is celebrated within its walls, represent so much more than the buildings they're housed in... they reflect a belief in something greater than oneself, love for each other and the center of a community. Faith is about far more than a building, but the building itself can mean and represent so much.

If you feel so moved, I encourage you to support (or increase your support) to your house of worship or one in a community you care about, near or far. It could make a big difference to people you know or to those you'll never meet... and you'll be forever connected to the community it serves. And that's what this weekend's holidays are all about -- love and the spirit of renewal.

Happy Easter!

Jeanne Sparrow


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