Frankie Beverly LOVES His New Hit... Thanks to Queen Bey!

Folks are feeling some kind of way about Beyoncé’s remake of the classic family reunion hit from Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, “Before I Let You Go” for her Homecoming album and Netflix special on her triumphant celebration of blackness at Coachella last year.

But Frankie ain’t mad… aTALL! He told Billboard that the tribute is“one of the high points of my life.” Frankie met Beyoncé when she was still a teenager (and a fan of Maze) and they’ve worked together several times over the years… but he said he didn’t really know anything about this remake until it was done. But he says he loved it when Bey reached out to play him the first draft of her version.

Now, he’s just basking in the renewed attention he’s getting… and if you’re heading down to New Orleans for Jazz Fest, you can catch him on May 5th.

Jeanne Sparrow


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