Black Girl Magic Moment: Serena at the French Open!

I think we can all acknowledge that Serena Williams is the personification of Black Girl Magic... and she reminded the French Open and the world of that this week.

Her opening week outfit was the best answer she could have ever given to the tournament's banning of the life-saving catsuit she wore there last year. She showed up in a Virgil Abloh-designed zebra print outfit, emblazoned with the words Champion, Queen, Goddess & Mother, all written in French. And her daughter Olympia had on a matching ensemble in the stands!

It looks like she’ll advance to the next round of play after she had a rocky start… knee problems caused her to drop out of another tournament about a month ago. She plays her next match at 9:35am this morning… Go GIRL!

Whoever you are and however you identify, remember to always celebrate your magic! xo

Jeanne Sparrow


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