Pharrell's Promise to New Graduates!

Pharrell Williams is amping up his good deeds and putting his words into action!

According to BET, the superstar producer and performer spoke at the high school graduation of Harlem Promise Academy over the weekend. The school's promise to their students is to get them to college and see them through it.

Pharrell had an inspirational message for the 114 graduates, calling them a "new Harlem renaissance" that "has education at its core"... then he surprised them with his own promise that each and every student in the class would have an internship next summer!

Pharrell must have been inspired by the recent graduation gift that billionaire Robert F. Smith bestowed on Morehouse graduates, when he promised to pay all the graduates' student loans... and you've got to love it when a good vibe keeps spreading!

Jeanne Sparrow


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