What's Happening in Chicago This Weekend (7/6)

We're getting into Days 3 & 4 of the big 4th of July holiday weekend! It's almost like you've gotten a whole week off! Whatcha gonna do with all that time? Here's some fun you can get into... 

Chosen Few House Music Picnic and Festival is today in Jackson Park... everything's up and running now -- music started at 8am but head over... tickets available at the gate 

Chaka Khan & Michael McDonald take over Ravinia tonight with Isaiah Sharkey opening... gates open at 4, show starts at 7!

The African/Caribbean International Festival of Life takes over Washington Park, 55th & Cottage Grove with live performance, food and fun through tomorrow night!

Next week... Maxwell's at Ravinia onTuesday 7/9... Diana Ross performs at Chicago Theatre on Wednesday 7/10... Taste of Chicago opens on Wednesday 7/10 then De La Soul will hit Petrillo Music Shell on Friday 7/12... and Ready for the World performs in two shows at Promontory Friday night 7/12 at 6 & 9pm. 

Whatever you choose, have so much fun... and don't let me EVER hear you say you don't have anything to do!

Jeanne Sparrow


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