Black Boy Joy! Lost Job Leads to Something FAR Better!

Kerion Washington is a name you’re going to know.

Last week, the 17 year old was turned down for a job at Six Flags Over Texas for wearing his hair in dreads. He was told he’d have to cut them if he wanted to work at the amusement park.

This week, he’s on his way to being a top paid model because of them.

A modeling agent saw the story and got in touch with the young man’s mother… who had already been telling him that he needed to try modeling as his part-time job. She said she thought the incident at Six Flags had damaged his self-esteem a little.

The best thing the modeling agency told Kerion when he asked them what they wanted him to do with his hair was, “(We) want you to be you!”

With all the ugly stuff that’s happening in the world, this just goes to prove that there’s goodness in the world, the cream always rises to the top and being yourself is ALWAYS your best bet! #teamKerion

Jeanne Sparrow


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