Chuckii Booker Wins Instagram... Watch These Videos & Thank Me Later!

My vote for Black People Magic is my absolute favorite thing on the internet this last week or so -- Chuckii Booker’s Instagram videos! Do yourself a favor: look at them and laugh! It’s basically black men clowning each other and not letting anybody get away with ANYTHING… it reminds me of my uncles and cousins at the reunion arguing over who did the barbecue right and whose tastes the best!

Let me give you a little backstory on this… of course, we remember Chuckii from his hits “Turned Away” & “Games.” You may or may not know that he’s been cranking out the hits as a producer and musical director for the biggest stars in pop and R&B.

Right now, he’s on tour with Lionel Richie and he’s been showing the show AFTER the show on Insta with all the backstage bickering between drummer Oscar “Skeety” Seaton and bass player Ethan Farmer – who are also both from Chicago, which explains a lot about this whole thing!

It all started because Ethan (allegedly) keeps messing up “All Night Long” and it drives Skeety crazy so he keeps up mess every single night about it. Then of course, Ethan says Skeety can’t keep time right. I honestly don’t know or care who’s messing what up because they make me cry laughing… that’s MY kind of reality tv and it will be yours too!

I just wonder if Lionel knows! LOL

(I posted a couple of the videos below... just follow the links, then scroll through Chuckii's feed for the rest -- it's way too many to post here!)

And remember to always celebrate your magic... whatever it looks like! xo lol

Jeanne Sparrow


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