Black People Magic: Berry Gordy Celebrates Motown's 60th... & Retirement!

Most people are just trying to make it to 65 so they can stop working and take it easy... legendary Motown founder Berry Gordy announced this past week that he's finally retiring at 89!

Gordy has been celebrating Motown's 60th anniversary this year with a Grammy special, documentary and a big three and a half hour performance at Detroit's Orchestra Hall earlier this week. It was there that the R&B music mogul gave a 40 minute speech talking about his favorite memories with his label. It was then that he said he would step back from his official roles in the industry, saying, "I have come full circle."

You deserve it, Mr. Gordy! Thank you for giving us and the world the gift of Motown, Hitsville USA... and all the black people magic we could ever want to see!

May we all remember to celebrate our magic! ;)

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