When Music Legends Clash... Elton John vs. Tina Turner

Elton John was big mad at Tina Turner in 1997 and now he’s spilling ALL the tea!

In his new autobiography, “Me: Elton John,” he says that he and Tina didn’t go on tour together because they fought so much and she treated him so badly during the rehearsals.

Apparently, “Proud Mary” is what did them in… they got heated over whether or not he really knew how to play it and the fight ended with Elton telling Tina to “stick her song up her arse.”

He says Ms. Tina took it even further and told him he shouldn’t wear so much Versace because it made him look fat… that Armani would be a much better look for him.

There’s more dirt in the excerpts printed by The Daily Mail… but the story ends well because they made up over dinner and she left a big kiss in his visitor’s book.

I personally think Tina was just trying to help. LOL

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