Summertime Chi is NOT Cancelled

I know, I know… summertime Chi is not looking like itself this year. At ALL.

With the announcements this week that Taste of Chicago, Lollapalooza, Air & Water Show and everything from now until Labor Day has been cancelled, everyone is disappointed.

I love the food festivals, outdoor concerts, Ravinia, music festivals and hanging outside doing anything in Chicago in the summer as much as anyone, but I’m standing on my word that just because all that is cancelled does not mean that summer is cancelled.

It’s still going to happen no matter what show or festival does not happen. WE are still here. We may be doing things differently, doing them safer, and not on as big of a scale… but that does not mean we can’t do things. With fewer people, for sure, but that might be better... softer, more intimate and more meaningful. No we won't see impressive headliners in person… but they’re not the only ones making good music or saying important things. No, we won't be out and about as much… but there’s beauty in staying home and just being.

We focus so much on what we’ve lost to COVID-19 and coronavirus. Lord knows I’m with you on that one. But I encourage us all to start thinking about what we’ve gained… learned about ourselves, seen in our families and friends, and in the world around us. I’ve seen people step up and lead like I never imagined they’d have to. I’ve felt so much love and support from friends and people I hardly know.

So let’s make that the vibe of this year's summertime Chi… and then keep it going even when everything else comes back in whatever way it returns. Please and thank you.