Ronny's Steakhouse: Saying Goodbye to a Chicago Classic

Sunday marked the last time Ronny's Steakhouse had their neon sign on... now the classic downtown eatery is closed for good.

The restaurant opened in 1963 near Randolph and State and eventually had 6 locations... most of them closed by 2000 and their last location was at the Thompson Center. Ronny's was owned and operated by the same family for the entire six decades they were in business.

I remember finding out about Ronny's when I first worked with Doug Banks at WGCI in the 90s... it was one of his favorites (Curl Man's too!) and you could often see the GCI Sound Machine parked outside one of the locations picking up our order!

We'll miss you Ronny's... thanks for the good eats and good times! xo

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