Chiefs Fans Show Their True Colors: what will this football season bring?

Football is back! And in what could’ve been a great moment for the sport, especially after Colin Kaepernick tried to bring attention to issues of injustice for years, became a shame and embarrassment for the fans.

The players on the Chiefs should be applauded for banding together in a show of unity during the pre-game playing of the National Black Anthem. But the fans in the stands behaved horribly by booing their own team.

I’m not surprised but I’m still disappointed. It’s interesting how everybody can stand and clap and cheer when the stand of unity is for anything else but us – different diseases, causes and other groups of people. But when it comes to supporting the equity of most of the players on the field, it’s not only missing but protested. Doing that is like they’re saying they’re good with Black people as long as they’re entertaining them… but not enough to support them and their basic rights as human beings.

And that makes them no better than the people who cheered at the gladiator fights in ancient days… or the slave owners of our ancestors. Thankfully, there were many who criticized the fans for booing and supported the team. I guess we’ll see what the rest of this season brings.

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