New Holiday Treats... YUM!

The holidays mean lots of different things to different people… but I think we can all agree that the food is one of the main attractions! I mean, isn’t that why we all end up at the gym on January 1st?

This year, I think we really deserve awesome treats… and we’re getting them! Garrett Popcorn just announced this week that we’ll be able to get their world famous popcorn at local grocery stores. Look for the classics you love, plus 4 new flavors: S’mores, Simply Strawberry, Simply Cocoa and Simply Matcha. You can find them at Binny’s, Pete’s Fresh Market and Big Apple Finer Foods.

And while you’re getting that sweet treat, pick up a bag of M&M’s new holiday flavor: White Chocolate Sugar Cookie, featuring a soft sugar cookie middle surrounded by white chocolate in classic red, white & green holiday colors. Walmart has them for $2.88 a bag.

You can thank me later… however you choose to! ;)