What to Wear and Do to Bring Luck in 2021!

A new year calls for new strategies... here are a few fun things from around the world to think about and maybe try as we start 2021!

In Brazil, everybody wears white for the New Year for good luck and peace. They also head into the ocean and jump over 7 waves… for each one, they get one wish. You could try that in Lake Michigan, but I don’t think it will be as pleasant or as safe!

In Denmark, people break dishes on the doorsteps of family and friends… the more broken dishes you have to sweep up on New Year’s Day, the luckier and more loved you are! They also stand on a chair and leap into the new year… which sounds kinda dangerous for some of us!

In Colombia, people grab empty suitcases and run around the block as fast as they can… it’s supposed to guarantee a year filled with travel and adventure. And after the year we’ve had stuck at home, we could all use this for 2021!

For more on these traditions and others you can try, check out this link!