You Know What's On the Menu Today... But Do You Know Why?

What’s on the menu today? Y’all know the drill… if you grew up in a traditional soulful home, we ALL ate the same thing. But did you know why?

Black Eyed Peas – good luck, new beginnings and wisdom. We eat them because slaves running for freedom often carried them in their pockets to have something to plant and eat when they got there.

Collard Greens or Cabbage – also for good luck with money, because the greens look like folded money on your plate. The more you eat, the more you’ll have.

Cornbread – for good luck with extra money, because of its golden color.

Pork – also for good luck, this time with moving forward and making progress because pigs dig forward in the mud or in the ground with their noses unlike turkeys and chickens that dig by scratching backward.

Read more about these traditions here!

Regardless of luck or not, it's all deeee-lishus! Enjoy… and I hope this year is better than last for all of us.