When You Can Expect Your Stimulus Check & Extra Unemployment

Did you get your stimulus check yet? It's starting to hit accounts now, you could be next!

The Senate refused to increase the amount to $2000 this week, contrary to the president’s request that was supported by Democrats and Republicans in the House.

But the Department of Treasury went ahead and started direct deposits into accounts on Tuesday and those are expected to continue through next week. If the IRS doesn’t have your account info, you should see paper checks soon. The first batch of those started going out on Wednesday.

If you’re on unemployment, the extra $300 payment you’ll get per week kicked in last week, but there’s no word on when that money will hit your account.

It’s not what we really need, but it’s something – let’s pretend we got a new sponsor who just cash-apped us a little change. Hang in there and stay strong… we’ll make it through!