Snow... AGAIN?! Noooooooooooo

I already said this Saturday morning, but who made God, Mother Nature and the snow monsters mad at us like this? lol

A foot of snow?! On top of what’s already fallen? As I'm sure you’ve already heard mentioned in the weather, the Chicagoland area is under a Winter Storm Warning through tomorrow at noon and a total of 8-12 inches of snow is expected to fall by tomorrow.

It’s not as bitterly cold but temps will still be in the teens and 20s this week. So still check on your seniors, help them dig out from this so they stay safe. And remember that the city has warming centers open as well.

When I posted about this on Saturday, I said this was extreme even for Chicago winter and someone commented, remember 2014? And I honestly can’t. I think I try to forget bad weather and block it from my mind right after it happens. The only storm I really remember is the first big one that I got stuck in when I was an intern at WGN back on Valentine’s Day in 1990 or 91. And it was kind of like what we’ve got today, except everybody was at work because it started around noon and got bad by rush hour.

Aren’t you glad you’re at home now? :) What storm do you remember the most? Or do you try to forget them like me?

However you deal with this, I hope you're staying nice & warm!