Yes, FINNA is a word. ;)

Blackness has made it into the dictionary, for real FOR REAL.

This week, has added the words finna, chile, and supposably to its official list of words along with COVID culture terms like superspreader and doomscrolling.

I was so happy about this – because African American Venacular English is one of my favorite languages that I speak LOL – that I was talking about all this with my cousin last night.

Then she blew my mind and asked me a question that I have to ask you… as a black person, have you ever used the word “thrilled” in a sentence? Like, “I’m thrilled to start this new job” or “I’m thrilled to get this stimmie check!” Other than Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or BB King’s “The Thrill is Gone,” I couldn’t think of an instance I have ever used that word… I would say blessed, honored, excited, looking forward to, but never thrilled. And I never thought about it before. Hunh.

We could be wrong, so chime in on social and let me know if you use the word thrilled! LOL