More Vaccines & a Visit from the VP!

Good news if you’re looking for a vaccine – as Vice President Kamala Harris is heading here to Chicago on Tuesday to encourage equitable vaccination, the city’s opening up two big centers capable of delivering 5000 shots per day.

The sites will open Monday at Chicago State and the American Airlines Conference Center near Wrigley Field. You have to live in the city limits to get an appointment and you can register on ZocDoc. The shots are free and you do not need to give them an insurance card.

I got my first shot of the Pfizer vaccine on Tuesday and I’ve gotta be real, I was in bed most of the next day – I felt like I had a hangover and my arm hurt like hell. But it wasn’t the worst thing in the world (and Lord knows I’ve had worse hangovers!), Advil worked well for my symptoms, which were over in a day. Just so you know what to expect!

There’s also recent research out that confirms you can’t spread the virus once you’re vaccinated and if you are exposed, your symptoms will be less severe and you’ll survive it.

So for me, that one day of inconvenience was well worth the benefit, especially with infection numbers spiking here… be extra careful out there, especially for this holiday weekend.