What’s Happening Inside & Out: Oscar Weekend & More Openings!

It’s Oscar weekend plus spring is bringing the opening of more entertainment options to the Chicago area!

Catch the Academy Awards tomorrow night… all the red carpet magic and glitzy star power will be there in-person on ABC. The show will look different than ever before, broadcasting live from two locations in Los Angeles, plus hubs in Paris and London. The awards begin at 7pm but the festivities will go on all day!

If you want to get out, Medieval Times did their first in-person show this week and are hiring as they plan to roll out more performances in the coming weeks.

And thanks to students of the Douglass 18 project, the mini-golf course at Douglass Park Field House will reopen this summer. The teens redesigned and reimagined the West Side course with a bird theme to teach visitors about the 200 different bird species that live in the park.

Whatever you choose, have fun and don’t let me EVER hear you say you don’t have anything to do!