It’s Hot & Outside is Open!

Mayor Lightfoot stood in front of Navy Pier this week and said Chicago is open!

The city has eased restrictions for capacity at bars and restaurants, events, concerts and recreational activities as vaccinations go up and COVID cases go down.

Public health officials say we still need to be safe as we’re not quite out of the crisis yet – and they really want to avoid what’s happening in India now with a catastrophic explosion of COVID cases and deaths after they reopened. City and county vaccination centers are all accepting walk-ins now to make it easier to get access to the vaccine. And the Johnson & Johnson one shot vaccine is back!

As an incentive to get vaccinated, the city’s also rolling out the Vax Pass this month that would feature exclusive deals and freebies for anyone who’s gotten their shots. And once you’re fully vaccinated, you can skip wearing your mask outdoors and indoors when you’re around others who are also vaccinated.

We’re almost safe y’all… wear your masks, wash your hands, keep your distance and get the shot!