Black People Magic: Honor for Chadwick Boseman & History by Simone Biles

Lots of Black People Magic to celebrate this week…

Chadwick Boseman is being honored in a big way by his alma mater, Howard University in Washington, DC. The premiere HBCU has re-established its school of the arts as the Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts which will being led by fellow Howard alum and actor, Dean Phylicia Rashad.

And Olympic gymnast superstar Simone Biles made history last weekend by performing a move so difficult that the gymnastics federation doesn’t have a system to score it AND she’s the first woman in HISTORY to ever perform it. It’s called the Yurchenko double pike and she stuck it at her first competition in a year and a half at the US Classic last Saturday night. Watch the video below... she's amazing!

Here’s to pushing boundaries and making it work… & remember to always celebrate your magic! xo