Thanksgiving Strategies: How to Be the Host With the Most & the Best Guest!

If you haven’t already eaten yet today, there are some strategies you can use to make your dinner go smoothly… whether you’re hosting or visiting! (and if it’s too late to use them today, these habits will be perfect for Christmas dinner too!)

If you’re hosting, it’s not too late to keep it simple… don’t do anything too hard or too new.Also make sure you accept help when it’s offered – especially on set up and clean up duties.And make sure you have enough supplies ready to make sure everybody has a good to go plate.

When you’re a guest… offer to help and mean it! And if you didn’t fix anything or you’re not a great cook, don’t show up empty handed… you can still bring things the host will need – a good bottle of something, or if you don’t drink, aluminum foil, paper plates and to go supplies are always welcomed. See how that works both ways?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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