BBQ or Cookout?

Listen, let me put this out there and make things real clear… there’s a difference between a BBQ and a cookout, and I only attend BBQs! 😂

Millions of people celebrated the end of summer over this 3-day Labor Day weekend getting together with family and friends, firing up the grill – or a BBQ pit, as I prefer to call them!

To many people the names are interchangeable, but for others, there’s a big difference in expectations… and our tummies need to know! Cookouts are usually just your simple easy foods like burgers, hotdogs and things… while barbecues include all the meats: chicken, ribs, brisket and all the fixins! If it ain’t giving that, I ain’t coming! 😂

Here's an interesting story around the history of black folks and barbecue at this link from the Black Information Network.

What do you like best – BBQs or cookouts? 

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