Black People Magic: Snoop & Shante's New Scarves

Snoop Dogg and his wife, Shante Broadus, are creating magic to help people with lupus embrace their “beauty and self-expression” with their new Broadus Collection luxury line of silk scarves.

According to Black Enterprise, their new business has been a cause close to their hearts since 2005, when their daughter Cori was diagnosed with lupus at 6-years old and suffered from the hair loss and scarring alopecia that can happen with the autoimmune disease.

Her family always wanted her to feel beautiful and Cori says her mom Shante would bring home scarves for her and the whole family to try out together. Snoop said they took it to the extreme, wearing and “buying them tons after tons after tons” and finally said, “how do we create a business out of this?”

Now, that business is a reality featuring headwraps that protect hair and lock in moisture when exercising and sleeping. You can shop the whole collection at this link and see photos of the brand launch from Snoop's Instagram account below.

Remember to always celebrate your magic! xo

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