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New Traditions for a Good New Year

Let’s talk about good luck traditions and a few superstitions to bring us good luck or protect us in the new year...

I think we all know about and are ready for our black-eyed peas and pork for luck plus greens and some cornbread for money, but how about a few new ones?

Another Southern tradition for the new year is to keep the focus on moving forward by not eating anything that moves backward faster than it moves forward, like lobsters, crabs, shrimp and crawfish. Same thing for anything with wings because you don’t want your luck to fly away!

And here are a few more from around the world

In the Philippines, they serve 12 round fruits… representing coins for prosperity and wealth in each month of the upcoming year. 

In Ireland, you’ll see people banging bread against the walls of houses to chase away bad luck and evil spirits, and invite good luck in.

And in Brazil, seven is the lucky number for New Year’s Eve, so they eat seven pomegranate seeds for a full purse in the new year and seven grapes for abundance in all areas of life.

However you celebrate, I hope the New Year is good to you!

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