Tito Jackson has a new single and its a banger...

Soooooo after all these years, who knew that Tito Jackson could sing and at 65 years old, and his first single would be a hit!!!! If you haven't heard, Tito Jackson has a new single and it's called One Way Street and if I don't know anything, I know the "sound" of Chicago and THIS is a Chicago Steppers Cut!!!!! I can safely say, it will be bumped at the local skating rink as well.

I am so happy for him, not because the single accomplishment, but he did it at the age of 65 years old. This is so dope! It lets you know that its NEVER to late to chase a dream and NEVER to late to accomplish one either. I'm VERY proud of him and he didn't depend on his last name, he's out here in the grit of it. Salute to you Tito and much success to you!



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