Crazy Howard McGee is an on-air personality for V103. The Crazy Show is featured on Saturday's and Sunday's from Noon until 5PM CT. Howard's career started in college and later evolved with an opportunity from an AM/FM station audition. After college, Howard created a full-service as agency, which allowed him to write and voice radio and TV ads. WGCI played an ad created by Howard and the as later gained popularity, when Doug Banks incorporated the piece in a bit during his show. The bit later gained recognition from Elroy Smith, who later offered Howard an opportunity at WGCI. Howard's WGCI career started a Chicagoland Phenomenon, which allowed him to bring his spikey personality and catch phrases to the airwaves, which "fired-up" the city. His career later evolved with carrying the #1 Morning Show on WGCI for over a decade. He also owned several Harold's chicken shacks, hosted various events, and encouraged his peers and the younger generation to pursue their goals. Howard currently brings his own brand of creativity to the V103 airwaves!