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Uncle Steve Talks Ja Morant, Role Models, and Keeping It Real

Today during Uncle Steve's Closing Remarks, he had a lot to say about Ja Morant getting in trouble once again. Uncle Steve has a lot of family and friends who live in Memphis and he even supported the Grizzlies until they played the Lakers, but today he made it known that Ja Morant is a role model and needs to do better. Here are his full Closing Remarks:

"I don't know what culture we are in, but let me say something to young people and grown people when you are hired by a company and they pay you whatever that amount of money is. That amount of money comes with several things, and those things are called responsibilities, and they're called obligations. On this radio show, there's a behavioral clause in all of our radio contracts that says we do something that is detrimental to the view. the concept, the reputation of this company, we can be released from our contract. If you work at the post office, it's certain things because they pay you that money that you are not allowed to do. If you sign up anywhere and they agree to pay you, there's something that comes with that. If you have a written contract in the NBA, the NFL, or the Hockey League, the most important thing to them is not you. It's that shield. It's that football shield with the NFL on it. It's that logo of the NBA with Jerry Wesleyan, and driving with the basketball that we're wearing those socks is everything. It's a dream come true. Same with hockey. Same with Major League Baseball. Same with playing soccer. They got clauses, man.

Now I know the young people, man. When you sign these contracts, and I'm talking directly to Ja Morant like that. When you sign these contracts, the fact that you don't want to be a role model ain't got nothing to do with what it is because that comes with the territory, because anytime they pay you this money, I want you to understand there is a person younger than you watching you, aspiring to be you.

We are role models on this radio show, like it or not. You are role models when you sign the contracts like it or not, You become a role model when you become a parent. Like it or not. You are all going to be a role model at one point in time in your life because somebody is going to make the roles that they play and they are going to model it after you, because at one point in time if it's the idealization. You get the fame, all the money, somebody going to want to be you and they are going to play a role and they're going to model their role after you. You are a role model, Want it or not.

Now that NBA paying, the Memphis Grizzlies are paying this young man an X amount of dollars, not just to play ball. But for the right to wear the Memphis Grizzlies uniform and the right to perform under the banner of the National Basketball Association, they are not paying you this money for anything.

They took Kyrie's sponsorships from him for the dumbest of reasons. This man apologized, took courses, and really didn't really do anything wrong. He just posted a movie that he got on Amazon Prime. Or wherever he got the movie from, he posted and that movie had antisemitic views in it. He took it down. They still suspended him and they still dropped his sponsorship.

Now what do you think is going to happen to Ja Morant? This is the second time in less than 60 days you just came off an 8-game suspension for the exact same thing. I don't know what your Daddy doing. I don't know what you thinking about. I don't know why the people who are surrounding you ain't got no better sense than to watch out for you. But they keep jeopardizing a future of yours that they don't have for themselves, and you keep lowering yourself to stay down on your level so you can prove that you kept it real when your ass should have kept it moving. I keep telling y'all about this little stuff we do in the hood that holds us to the "You got to keep it real". No dog, you got to keep it moving.

This is going to cost him a lot of money. And a lot of time in this league and I would not be surprised if they suspend him for a year without pay, maybe then they will have your attention. You cannot use mental illness on this one, this is called stupidity. At one point in time, we just got to call it what it is - you just stupid. And I bet your ass will straighten up if they take this $32 million from you. Because. where else can you go to make $32 million a year playing some damn basketball?"

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